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After 18 years of caring for the trees of southeast England, Wildwood Tree Services prides itself on its arboreal expertise and its unwavering highLondon Tree Surgeons

standards. Whether you're a town official or a concerned homeowner, our team of arborists can help make sure your trees are healthy, robust, and under control.

Some common services we provide include:

  • London Tree Surgeons
  • felling
  • pruning
  • crown lifting, thinning and reduction
  • planting
  • stump removal and grinding
  • reparation of hazardous trees
  • hedge cutting
  • forestry management
  • site clearance
  • storm damage reparation
  • street work
  • tree reshaping
  • surveys
  • woodchip supply

    Of course, all of our work is carried out according to BS3998 standards, and we are fully insured. As members of the Tree Care Industry Association, we stay fully up-to-date with the latest technology and advances in the field of dendrology.

    No job is too big or too small; our day-to-day work ranges from one-off jobs to regular estate management. So if you;re worried about your trees and are looking for a team of reliable, experienced, qualified professionals, Wildwood Tree Services would be happy to help.

    Please call or email for a free estimate and a written quotation. Please refer to the Contact Us page for more information.

Because we offer the finest service possible in the industry and with a large selection of services on offer, we are your one stop shop for all tree care needs. If you are looking for London Tree Surgeons you are in the right place ! Read more about us

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